Be Kind. Be Beautiful.

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For every problem, there lies a solution in nature! 

We at Buddhica, uncomplicate skin and hair care. We believe that kindness is beautiful. We believe in being kind to the environment and even kinder to your skin and hair.

Curated by biotechnologists and Ayurvedic experts, the brand was launched after 5 dedicated years of research and development. The amalgamation of modern biotechnology and traditional Ayurveda gives you tangible results from the very first use.

We curate products that are non-toxic and highly effective. Each ingredient in our products is meticulously selected for its therapeutic properties. This results in pure, fresh and “active” formulations that work like magic.

As we do not use fillers, most of the products are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. The essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals in all our formulations restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.


All our products are hand-made and follow environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. All our ingredients are safe for people and planet alike. We buy from suppliers who conform to the strictest quality standards.
Buddhica products feature a reusable glass jar/bottle that will look beautiful on your bathroom vanity and is reusable.

We love these furry babies.
There is absolutely no animal testing done at any stage of our product development. 


Our vision

A clean and green planet for everyone. We believe that we have a shared responsibility to take care of the planet and people.

The tiniest step can bring about a great change.

Cosmetic manufacturing today is one of the most toxic industries and everyday tonnes of plastic waste and hazardous chemicals pollute our environment.

Cheap fillers are used in the products to make them last more and products like “mineral oil” is sold in the name of natural.

We dream of a pollution free, toxin-free and symbiotic world. We dream of a world where cosmetics are as pure as the flowers picked from your garden.

We dream of a world where beauty lies in the heart of every living being.